The Aquapix high-pressure water mist nozzle combines guaranteed availability and top-notch features!

Easy installation for new and existing water mist systems

Aquapix is also suitable as an extension for all existing water mist systems, as long as the pump station provides the pressure and flow rate required by the nozzle. The pump station can be any high-pressure mist pump provided by any supplier.

Aquapix nozzles do not have
easily clogged holes

In Aquapix, the mist is spread between the two-part patented nozzle body, with the Aquapix Plate installed between them transforming water into "Aquapixels." When needed, the nozzle can be opened for cleaning or replacement of the thermal capsule by a trained Aquapix partner.

Minimize water damage

High-pressure water mist nozzles require less water. Aquapix is particularly suitable for applications where minimizing water damage is crucial, such as museums, hospitals, hotels, wooden apartment buildings, culturally significant sites, and tall office and residential buildings.

60 bar pressure is sufficient

Most nozzles available on the market require at least 100 bars of pressure. Aquapix nozzles operate effectively at just 60 bars of pressure.

Did you know about the benefits of
water mist and
high-pressure mist?

Water mist consists of very small water droplets. Its superior firefighting ability is based on vaporization: when the small water mist droplets vaporize, they absorb a significant amount of energy from the fire. This makes water mist an excellent choice for firefighting systems.

Firefighting based on
water mist, in short:

  • High pressure creates a larger surface area for water mist compared to low-pressure sprinkler systems.
  • Effective heat-absorbing properties prevent the fire from spreading and make evacuation safer.
  • Small droplet size enhances vaporization, efficiently displacing oxygen.

Benefits of high-pressure mist compared to sprinkler systems:

  • Smaller pipes take up considerably less space, often in tight ceiling voids or enclosures.
  • Requires a modest water source.
  • The stainless-steel pipeline, made from high-quality stainless steel, lasts the entire lifespan of the building.
    → Life cycle cost is often lower!
  • Minimal water quantity - minimal water damage during firefighting
    → The system can be quickly restored to operational readiness after a fire.


Aquapix also meets dust control needs

Water mist also has a dust-binding effect. The Aquapix product family will offer dust-binding solutions in the future, with applications including:

  • Mines
  • Conveyors
  • Loading and unloading points for dusty materials in ports and other locations.